The first thing to do is to get the game from your favorite app store. For example, Google Play for the Android version, or the App Store for the iOS version. Once the game is finished downloading there may be additional updates.

If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, feel free to download it now by clicking the appropriate download button below.

If you would like to play on PC, please click here.



1. Logging in for the first time

Once you launch the game, you’ll be presented with the account creation and login screen. On the login screen, you can setup your account. A username and password is required for the account setup. Once this is done choose a Realm (server) to play on. New Realms usually come with special benefit if they have just launched, old Realms have multiple high level players.

2. Selecting Your Role and Character name

Once your account has been created, you will be able to select a character role. There are three roles to choose from: Warrior, Magician and Gunner. Each role has a unique play style, with their own special abilities and ultimates. Try them out to see which class you prefer the most!

3. Starting out and Tutorials

When first starting out in the game there are a few tutorials to work through. The tutorial for each role is the same, so you can skip it on your second play-through with a different role. If you feel like speeding things up there is also skip button to go through certain sections faster. The tutorials aren’t long, and can be worked through quite quickly! Your tutorial will have you battling against the evil and mighty Spanda!

4. User Interface Overview

A. Role

In the upper left corner of your screen you’ll find an icon of the current role you play as. The icon shows a picture of your current role, VIP level, role level and directly underneath that the current power rating of your character. Tapping the icon will display more information. You can also switch roles and in-game settings here as well.  The frame around the role icon can be altered and changed depending on your achievements!

B. Chat

The icon with the three ellipses is the chat icon. When tapping it you can communicate with players in the world channel, or with your guild in the guild channel.

C. Social

Tapping on the social icon with reveal Guild, Friends, Rank and Mailbox icons. Make sure you’re in a guild! It’s always better to play with friends. The Guild icon unlocks at level 16.

D. Quests

Tapping on the quest icon reveals what quests are available. Quests are divided into Bounty and Daily quests. Quests can earn you great rewards, so do any many quests as you can!

E. Punch!

Tapping the punch icon opens the punch mini-game. Here you punch a goofy looking cartoon gorilla. Completing the punch game unlocks gradual rewards, and it unlocks at level 16.

F. In-Game Currency

In Aldryn, Gold and Diamonds are the primary currencies, and are used for many different things, from upgrades, to purchasing unique cosmetic items and more. Your currency indicators are displayed at the top of your screen, along with the available energy (also called Vitality or VIT) for your current character. By pressing the Plus Sign indicators, you can do various conversions from once currency to another.

G. Top Up

Tapping the top up icon leads the player to the in-game shop. Here you can buy items with real life cash, especially Diamonds which are extremely useful. Topping up daily gives you daily Top Up rewards, so it’s a good idea not to top up too much in one day! Topping up also increases your VIP level, and in doing so gives you stacking unique benefits over other players.

H. Shop

Tapping the shop icon opens the in-game shops. The various shops are accessible at various levels, and you can spend in-game currency to get great gear, pets, crafting materials and much more!

I. Chest

Here you can open treasure chests! There are two main types of chests, Bronze Chests and Gold Chests. Free Bronze Chests are unlocked every five minutes, and can be bought with in game gold at 10000 Gold for a single chest. Decent loot can be obtained by opening these chests. Gold Chests on the other hand offer better gear than the Bronze Chests. A free Gold Chest unlocks every 24 hours. A single Gold Chest can be bought anytime with 288 Diamonds.

J. Mall

The Mall is an exclusive section where special game items can be bought with Diamonds. From Character Rename cards and cosmetic items, to special Enchant Stones and more, it’s a very useful place. Some gifts can only be bought if your characters is at a certain VIP level.

K. Event Rewards

There are regular daily and timed events. Constantly check what events are happening to take full advantage of the available specials that they offer. Remember these events don’t last all the time and new events are constantly available.

L. Gifts

Here free loot can be claimed! Gifts are unlocked by logging in a certain number of times, getting to a certain level, the amount of time you’ve spent in the game and more! The CDKey/Voucher Code entry can also be accessed from this screen when scrolling to the bottom of the list.

M. Daily Sign-in

Prizes can be collected from the Sign-in window when you log into the game each day! Players can get special rewards for the amount of times that they have signed into the game. Get going on those special rewards!

N. Wheel of Fortune

Here you can spend Diamonds to spin a wheel, and stand a chance to gain extremely rare items and rewards! This feature unlocks as you level-up!

O. Characters, Mount and Pet Attributes

This panel can be toggled open and closed, and gives you access to your expansive Bag and Character attributes section (as well as gear upgrades system), your Role Skills upgrades and builds, Your Pet Library and Upgrades, Your Mount Library and Upgrades, as well as your Equipment Gem Socketing sections.

P. Combat and Adventure!

Selecting this option will automatically move your character to the Airship Landing, and open up the Dungeon and Adventures panel, allowing you to battle enemies in dungeons and lands across Aldryn!

Q. The Trial Section

When selected, the Trials Section opens up a panel allowing you to engage in multiple additional activities, with many unlocking as you level up and grow in power. In the Trial Section, you are able to engage in PVP battles, do Dungeons with Friends or Guild Mates, Mine Gold and Diamonds, go on Special Adventures, battle in the PVP Arena, and MUCH more!

R. Next Trial Unlock

This Icon will show you what new trial feature will be unlock when you reach the next milestone level.

S. Move Character

Putting your thumb here will allow you to move your character around the world with a virtual joystick. Why not explore the town and speak to your fellow adventurers?

5. Your Characters Bag and Inventory

Your bag is split between two windows. The left window shows your role, role level, and all your currently equipped gear. You can also check out your character’s stats by tapping on the role icon. The right side of the bag is your inventory. There is a tab for each type of item. You can scroll through each tab to look at any items. Each tab starts out with 60 slots. Slots can be increased by gaining VIP levels. Additionally, there is a tidy button which automatically tidys up a messy bag!

6. Battle Pets!

Pets can be unlocked once you reach level 5. Pet’s are fantastic companions on any adventure, and they come in all shapes and sizes. From support pets to damage pets and more, they can change the tide of any battle. Pet’s can also assist you in Arena PVP battles, helping you to overcome fierce opponents. There is much more to Pets however! Pet’s can level up, they have their own set’s of abilities, they can evolve, and they also have special pet ultimates – pets even have their own upgradeable gear! The world of pets is vast in League of Defenders!

7. Guilds

Guilds can be joined at any time, and at level 25 you can create your own guild! A guild is a group of players who play together and help each other as they adventure in the world. The guild section is divided into 4 tabs: The Home tab contains basic information about the guild you’re in, and here a guild building can be unlocked, tasks can be assigned and guild quests can be done. The Skills tab contains Guild skills which cost Guild Coin, a special Guild only currency. These skills are passive and benefit all members of the guild. Guild members can be found in the members tab, and players are able to send awards to their fellow members! Awards can grant the member gold as well as additional energy or VIT. Additionally, member’s equipment and power rating can also be checked here. Lastly, the Guild Shop lists special items that can be bought with Guild Coin. Guilds offer great benefits! Join one quickly!

8. Glorious Combat!

Combat is one of your main activities in League of Defenders. By battling through dungeons, players grow in power, gain wealth and level up! Quests can be completed in this mode, and requisite rewards can be collected from the quest panel in town. Each page of the Combat panel shows a different region of Aldryn, and adventurers will face bosses, defend towers, fight through dungeons and battle Elite creatures in their travels. Dungeons can also be “Raided”, which is effectively a one-tap way to automatically go through the dungeon to collect resources again – once you’ve already cleared it of course! Fighting monsters and creatures is where your characters special abilities and your pets assistance is needed! On completing a Dungeon, a star rating is awarded  based on how quickly you’ve cleared it, rewarding you appropriately. Lastly, Guild Quests can also be completed here, so get some friends together!

...And there's still much more to be discovered!

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