The World

Though it is not known for certain the exact origins of the world itself, many people’s of Aldryn suspect the hand of a powerful, and certainly mighty Creator, one above them all. Like a beautiful gemstone in an infinite cosmos of stars, the blue world of Aldryn shines ever brightly.

The known lands of Aldryn are filled with a myriad of geographies, peoples and climates, from sandy deserts and snow-capped peaks, to swamps, forests, and mountainous country sides. From the Elven Kingdoms, to the lands of man, to the sneaky goblin mines and the secretive dwarven strongholds, there are many races and peoples, each race with their own lands, cultures and places in the world. As well, all manner of creatures, monsters, beasts, insects and sea creatures large and small call Aldryn home.

Certainly for the longest time, a great period of peace was experienced, and all inhabitants went about their business in their own way, never hindering the other. Kingdoms were prosperous and goodwill flourished, the wind brought news of a dark and imminent threat to the world – a threat that was thought to be long since banished. Now, amidst the impending darkness, a seed of division has grown amongst the kingdoms of the world.

The Human Kingdom of Bright Mainland, seeking to route out the evil before its foul machinations grow, is the first to respond. With great wisdom they have sent out a call for their most powerful defenders across the realm. Certainly, the king himself has even appointed the great Advisor Syah to oversee the task of aiding the heroes in their efforts in uncovering the full extent of the threat.

And so it is, that our story begins…

Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the realm come in all shapes and sizes, but amongst the many vocations, three stand tall as the most powerful forces against the darkness – the Magicians, the Warriors and the Gunners.


Wielding the mysterious power of Magic, Magicians draw on the essence of mana, found in all life. Thankfully for the sake of all other living beings, mana can also be found in potent quantities in mana crystals that are mined beneath the world. It is such then that magicians are trained in the art of using and shaping this energy source into a flurry of magical spells and abilities. From manipulating lightning strikes, to summoning great orbs of power, to teleporting about in a fraction of a second, Magicians are as powerful as they are tricksy.


Trained from a young age in the martial art of sword based combat, Warriors are capable melee fighters with a flair for the destructive. Swinging mighty swords and utilizing highly focused battle-techniques, Warriors are the front-line defenders in the fight against the dark forces of the world. With swords and shields in hand, Warriors can be found in almost all cities, battling during the day, and settling in for a night at the local tavern at night – bards singing songs of their great deeds and successes in battle! Warriors tend to have a higher survivability rate than magicians and Gunners, mainly due to their tough-as-nails training, and unequaled physical strength.


Sometimes stealthy, always deadly, Gunners are trained in the art of using projectile weapons to take down their enemies. Utilizing ranged attacks and special weaponry, Gunners tend to avoid direct melee confrontation. With a powerful arsenal of weapons, gunners aim, shoot, fire, blast and rocket their way to victory! In addition to their weapons and quick-aim abilities, gunners also employ other special abilities that give them tactical advantages on the battlefield. Certainly amongst the three grand roles, Gunners are considered to be the greatest tacticians, often putting deep thought into every instance of battle.

Monsters and Creatures of the World

Though the peoples of the world have until now lived in a longstanding peace, the world itself has always been a dangerous and mysterious place outside of civilization. In ancient desert tombs, mummies and ghouls prowl, protecting their sleeping brethren. In the underground mines and caves, undead skeletons march in an unending vigil over hallowed places. From the towering Tree-men and Forest Lurkers, to the Frozen Yeti’s and Snow Minions, Aldryn is filled with all manner of fascinating creatures.

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